The Blood: Entrance into the Supernatural


A two-part book with prophetic meditations and a line-upon-line Bible study on the blood of Christ.
Rona Spiropoulos had a powerful face-to-face encounter with the powerful blood of Jesus in a supernatural visitation many years ago, when she was baptized in the Holy Spirit. During this encounter she amazing revelations about the power of Jesus’ blood.

The story of the Blood is the story of a Life that replaced ours, an incorruptible Life that restored us again to our Father so that He could pour His Spirit into us and pour His Glory into us. Only in this way could He bring us back into intimacy with Him.We were created for intimacy with Him. This is God’s love story.
It is also a story of great power. As the author states, “If we could only understand the power of the precious Blood of Jesus, the Christ, the Anointed One of God, we would be a Force to be reckoned with on the earth and in the heavens. The enemy understands it and fears, and he does everything he can to prevent it being preached or sung about, so that we do not know what we have available to us, nor do we know who we are in Christ.”

This wonderful book will open a new world for you. Read it prayerfully … it will change your life.