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Spirit Life

Beyond the Veil

Accept the Father’s invitation…
Enter into a realm beyond the natural into the supernatural and into a love relationship with Him. This realm beyond the veil is a place of revelation unfolding to reveal the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. Hunger for the things of the Spirit will open the door for us into this realm, provided we have already been washed in the Blood of Jesus.

Spirit Life: Beyond the Veil

The Blood:

Entrance into the Supernatural

A two-part book with prophetic meditations and a line-upon-line Bible study on the Blood of Christ.

Rona Spiropoulos had a powerful face-to-face encounter with the powerful blood of Jesus in a supernatural visitation many years ago, when she was baptized in the Holy Spirit. During this encounter she had amazing revelations about the power of Jesus’ Blood.

The story of the Blood is the story of a Life that replaced ours, an incorruptible Life that restored us again to our Father so that He could pour His Spirit into us and pour His Glory into us. Only in this way could He bring us back into intimacy with Him. We were created for intimacy with Him. This is God’s love story.

Book Testimonials

I love the book……..and the service was good with the ordering of it. I met the author (who was privileged to write down what the Lord spoke to her) and the impact on me was immense. The revelations in this book makes me fall in love all over again with Jesus and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to grasp what He has done for us and wants intimacy with Him.


You’ll never find anything like it in print. It pull you out of the shallows of ‘Christian Living’ and into the deep of a Christ- like relationship with the one who truly gave the best to redeem us.


A download from the throne room, this book will teach you about nuances of the Blood no mere man could possibly know. If your hungry for the supernatural, you will enter into new dimensions of the Spirit.


Wow, I have to say this book really stretched my understanding about God! It is such an awesome book! I have to say be open minded.

About Rona

Rona Spiropoulos

Originally from southern Africa, Rona Spiropoulos is a missionary evangelist that travels the nations teaching and preaching the Word of God with great anointing and power. She has a heart for the glory of God to be manifested throughout the earth and for God’s people to have a revelation of the Heart of the Father.